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Watch Repairs

Watch and Glasses Repair offers watch repairs for all types of models and makes, so if you’re ever feeling stressed out, just know that we’re here to help! We carry watch batteries, bands,bracelets,links,clasps,pins crystals and other assorted watch parts. No job is too small or big for us – we repair everything from quartz, automatic, chrono and chronometer movements and to the latest multi-function precision mechanical watches.

Your watch battery will always run out when you least need it too and it is always a hassle trying to figure out what battery you need to get it up and running again. Here at Watch and Glasses Repair we have been completing battery replacements for years and comes as natural as waking up in the morning. Battery replacements can often be expensive; but we provide battery replacements starting from $44 for Japan made Watches , and for Swiss from $71.50 right here in Melbourne CBD. Leave the hassle for us, and as soon as you know it, your watch will be ticking once again!

Watches unfortunately begin to lose their gloss since you purchased it over time, there’s nothing worse than have a nice watch on your wrist except to look at it and notice that shine that used to be there, is no longer there. Watch polishing will do the trick for you and the best place to get it is at Watch and Glasses Repair. Watch polishing begins from $X and you can bet you’ll see that gloss again!

A lot of our work involves Swiss watch repairs and other Swiss watch services. This can include watch refurbishment ( case and bracelet) , as unfortunately the watch case can get scratches of all sizes on the case and bracelet of the watch. At Watch and Glasses Repair we use the highest class of equipment to remove watch scratches so the way watch can look as good as new, and definitely in much better condition than the watch entered our office.

So if you’re looking for a location in Melbourne that completes watch repairs, look no further and get it repaired at Watch and Glasses Repair!
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Post to Workshop

If you are not able to visit us in our workshop, you can always send us your item. PLEASE NOTE: use Registered Post or Signature on delivery or Platinum Express option.

Fast Turnaround

Most of our quick repairs are completed within 24 – 48 hours of receiving them.
PLEASE NOTE: Quick repair include glasses repairs, or battery replacements

ETA Qualified Watchmakers

Founded in 1793, ETA is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Swiss watches and movements.
Our watchmakers are ETA certified and trained.

Quality Guarranted

Our work comes with warranty.
Our watch repairs are guaranteed for one year.
Our glasses repairs comes with six month warranty.