We Can Help Repair Your Tiffany Glasses Today

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A world leading premier jeweller and design brand, Tiffany & Co specialises in selling luxury items that emphasise a sense of everlasting elegance and beauty. They are known especially for their high-quality glasses, and some models are even optically advanced with a touch of timeless sophistication. All of the Tiffany sunglasses for women are designed to be beautiful and showcase … Read More

A Complete Tiffany Sunglass Repair Service for You

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At our facility, you can expect to get the top Tiffany sunglasses glasses repair that you’re looking for today. We only follow the best standards in the glasses repair industry, and our experienced technicians carry out all of our repairs with skill and precision. We are capable of fixing all types of glasses such as metal, plastic, stainless steel, titanium … Read More

Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses repair

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Our designer sunglasses can be very useful and stylish at the same time, but they can also be quite fragile. There are many people who have accidentally dropped or sat on their eyeglasses and are starting to worry if they can ever bring them back again. The good news is that there are experts like us who can give you … Read More

Plastic Frame Repair - Spring Hinge

Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses repair

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Protecting your eyes from the sun is important to avoid UV damage to our eyes. Exposure to the sun’s rays for a prolonged time can actually lead to visual problems due to macular degeneration and cataracts. We provide our customers with a wide range of designer sunglasses that they can choose from today. We are especially skilled in fixing eyewear … Read More

Plastic Frame Repair - Spring Hinge

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses repair

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The 1930s was the time when one of the coolest-looking sunglasses ever produced made its debut: the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. This was before the 2nd World War, but pilots were already popular figures during that time. And since airline flights have started to grow, it is only reasonable to have a line of sunglasses made for the pilots themselves. … Read More

Fixing Scratches on your Watch Face

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Fixing Scratches on your Watch Face It’s disappointing you spent all that money on your watch and it’s scratched. The reason we are in business and you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself as we are highly qualified and take the time and care to do your repairs properly. There are a lot of blogs on the net giving you tips … Read More

Watch Crystal replacement

Watch battery replacement and crystal watch replacement

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We replace batteries on all brands of watches. We also recommend a tune-up service at the same time your battery is replaced, to keep your watch functioning well, but this is optional. We also carry out crystal replacement the front part (or face) of a watch is usually made of glass or plastic. This is called the watch crystal. If … Read More

Rolex scratch repair

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Scratched Rolex Watch let us share a story – …Today I banged my Rolex watch against a glass door, and now there is a deep scratch in the Rolex glass. My watch was a present and not only valuable but very dear me. I have been to a number of repair places and they are either very expensive or not … Read More

Omega watch service Sydney

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Omega watch service Sydney – Routine maintenance for your Omega is required so it operates according to manufacturer specifications for years.  We can provide a service on your Omega, from a routine cleaning to a complete overhaul of your watch. All Omega models, including the Constellation, Seamaster, and Omega Speedmaster need to be serviced and we can take care of … Read More