Fixing Scratches on your Watch Face

Migi Watch Repair

Fixing Scratches on your Watch Face

It’s disappointing you spent all that money on your watch and it’s scratched. The reason we are in business and you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself as we are highly qualified and take the time and care to do your repairs properly. There are a lot of blogs on the net giving you tips and advice on how to fix your watch but time and time again after people have tried they come to us to fix it.

You have to realize its delicate. All parts of your watch are moving. Some watches can have upto 300 parts inside all working together. A little scratch may not truly show you the damage that has been done. We can fully service and repair your watch to make sure your investment is protected.

We replace batteries on all brands of watches. We also recommend a tune-up service at the same time your battery is replaced, to keep your watch functioning well, but this is optional. You may even need an overhaul where the watch is completely taken apart then ultrasonically cleaned and re-oiled. We also time the movement and ultrasonically clean and polish the casing and bands. Lastly, the watch is reassembled and re-timed. Most watch brands suggest you service your mechanical watch every 4-5 years.