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Glasses Damaged During Lockdown? We’re here to Help

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The lockdown in Melbourne doesn’t mean that you have to go without glasses repair services. If your glasses or sunglasses are damaged, we’re still here to provide contactless repair. Need your glasses fixed in a hurry? We offer convenient same-day service and can ship repaired glasses fast.


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Many people are looking for ways to deal with the inconvenience of the lockdown. If your glasses or sunglasses are broken, scratched, or damaged in any way during this difficult time, we’re able to assist. Our contactless glasses repair makes it easy to get your glasses fixed right away, without having to wait for the lockdown to end. We’re open for business and ready to help. In addition, we are following all official government health guidelines to provide you with safe service.

Send us your glasses or sunglasses via courier. You can also post your damaged glasses using the fast overnight express service and track your item. As always, we’re following our high safety and hygiene standards as we work to make professional repairs. We can then ship your restored glasses back to you using Express Post with signature upon delivery, or for Melbourne same day repair, we use Zoom2u delivery services. Health and safety measures that we continue to follow include:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning and adjustment for all glasses
  • Technicians wash and sanitize their hands thoroughly and frequently
  • Invoices for service are sent via email rather than printed hard copies

When you send your glasses to us for repairs, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are fully committed to providing safe, high-quality service.
Glasses can easily become damaged by accident. However, there’s no need to panic or attempt to repair your glasses or sunglasses on your own. Our repair technicians will swiftly restore your glasses correctly. Whether you’re dealing with scratched glasses or a broken frame, our skilled and trained staff can fix all types made from materials including stainless steel, plastic, metal, and more.
Accidents can happen anytime, and wear and tear can leave your sunglasses or glasses in poor condition. Common types of glasses repair issues include:

  •  Loose hinges
  •  Broken hinges
  •  Loose or missing screws
  •  Cracked temples
  •  Broken nose pads
  •  Snapped frame

Damage and wear and tear to glasses can happen during the lockdown. Here are a few tips to keep your glasses and sunglasses safe:

  • Store your glasses in a case when not wearing them. Don’t place them on your head, as they can fall off and break or he lenses can become scratched.
  • Remove glasses by pulling from the nose bridge or by grasping both sides of the frame, rather than pulling off one side at a time. Pulling one side can loosen the screws that secure the arms onto the frame.

At Migitech, we’re able to provide prompt, professional glasses repair services to customers from Sydney, Brisbane, Darvin, Perth, and Canberra. Don’t let your vision suffer or go without the protection that sunglasses provide. Get your spectacles mended quickly and correctly by our trained staff. Despite the lockdown in Melbourne, you can send us your glasses or sunglasses for fast, precise repairs and get back to enjoying clear vision.