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Glasses Damaged During Lockdown? We’re here to Help

Migi Eyeglasses

The lockdown in Melbourne doesn’t mean that you have to go without glasses repair services. If your glasses or sunglasses are damaged, we’re still here to provide contactless repair. Need your glasses fixed in a hurry? We offer convenient same-day service and can ship repaired glasses fast. Many people are looking for ways to deal with the inconvenience of the … Read More

Plastic Frame Repair - Spring Hinge

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses repair

WGR Watch and Glasses Repair Eyeglasses

The 1930s was the time when one of the coolest-looking sunglasses ever produced made its debut: the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. This was before the 2nd World War, but pilots were already popular figures during that time. And since airline flights have started to grow, it is only reasonable to have a line of sunglasses made for the pilots themselves. … Read More