Rolex scratch repair

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Scratched Rolex Watch let us share a story – …Today I banged my Rolex watch against a glass door, and now there is a deep scratch in the Rolex glass. My watch was a present and not only valuable but very dear me. I have been to a number of repair places and they are either very expensive or not sure they can do the job.  It was like they were saying to me just put up with it. 

Well, this is where we are different. We certainly understand how much your watch means to you and the investment when your Rolex was purchased. We see Rolex’s scratched often along with every watch brand you can think of.  No matter if your Rolex is a dress, Rolex sport or Rolex professional watch, you have to expect scratches as that is part of wearing it.  We offer watch repairs for all types of models and makes, so if you’re ever feeling stressed out, just know that we’re here to help! We carry watch batteries, bands, bracelets, links, clasps, pins and assorted watch parts.

Dont this the job is too small or big for us just come in and see us or send us your watch as we have the latest multi-function precision mechanical watches.

So if you’re looking for a location in Melbourne that completes watch repairs, look no further and get it repaired at Watch and Glasses Repair!