Prada Glasses Screw Drill Out Replacement

Prada glasses repair and Prada sunglasses repair

Migi Eyeglasses

If you wear Prada, we know you love style and elegance but how do you feel when they are broken or scratched?  Disappointed. We are here to repair your Prada glasses or sunglass hinge. There are a complete range of glasses repairs.

If you didn’t know Prada was born in Italy by Martino Prada and Mario in 1913.

We have an on-site lab, which allows us to fit lenses and complete on-site repairs and our team can be trusted with your broken Prada glasses as we specialise in the following

  • Prada hinge repair
  • Prada bridge repair
  • Prada lenses replacement
  • Prada nose pads welding
  • Prada sunglasses frame polish
  • sunglasses screw replacements

All glasses repairs are passed through a rigorous set of checks before they are returned to our customers. This ensures that not only does the work completed meet our own high standards, but it exceeds our customers’ own expectations before it’s returned to them.


Prada Glasses Repair

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